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MicroCreations offers a wide variety of services, from custom application development, to data conversion and manipulation, to SQL and network server maintenance. Below is a brief description of some of the services we provide:

Webpage Design

MicroCreations uses HTML, CSS, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, and Flash to produce visually pleasing and content rich websites. We can design your site from scratch, work with your design team to put the site together, help with hosting, or simply take over maintenance of your existing site. We have worked with virtually all webpage technologies, giving us the ability to continue development on existing sites, and the expertise to provide a site from scratch using the latest standards and technologies.

Website Examples

Flash Examples

Internet/Intranet Application Development

Browser based applications have several advantages for clients who have more then one office or who want to share an application with users who are geographically separated. MicroCreations has been involved in creating web-based applications since the mid 1990's and has developed many applications and tools for use on the Internet or on a corporate Intranet. We use ASP, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and C++ to offer a wide variety of functionality for our customers. Whether you are looking for a simple contact form on your website or a full Web-based data application we have the ability to be your solution provider.

Database Management and Development

MicroCreations has extensive experience in database management and database application development. From single seat local applications, to networked corporate applications to Wide Area Network accessible company wide data systems we have the knowledge and experience to create easy to use, full featured, scalable applications.

When dealing with database development we listen to what our customers need and use our expertise in recommending how to achieve their goals. We always create systems which can easily be modified as our customer needs change and can easily import or export data to other systems, creating flexible yet full featured systems.

Data Conversion and Manipulation

Changing form legacy data applications almost always involves conversion of legacy data into new the systems. MicroCreations can perform conversion of many legacy database programs into new standard data applications. We also have expertise in bulk manipulation of data.

Custom Application Development

MicroCreations has experience designing applications in Visual Basic, C++, Java, Flash, and Web based technologies. We have worked with a wide variety of customers from many industries including; Environmental Consulting, Oil and Gas, Government, Energy, Placement, Telco, Industrial, and Retail. We have a broad foundation of knowledge giving us the ability to not only listen to our clients but understand their needs and take great pride in being able to deliver custom software for any type of customer.

Network Server Setup and Maintenance

MicroCreations provides network support for small to medium sized companies. We have experience with All versions of Windows and Novell networking.