Fully inclusive database and website/web-based application development including:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • ASP
  • C++
  • Java/Javascript
  • Visual Basic
  • VBA
  • Flash
  • Custom Apps
  • Flash
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Manipulation
  • SQL Server
  • Network Servers

MicroCreations specializes in custom application development but also has developed several commercial applications.

Here is a description of the products we offer:


California State GeoTracker EDF Import Tool

For environmental consultants or environmental responsible parties, hand entering laboratory data into reports is a pain staking process and a source of manual error.

We are in the process of creating a tool which will allow users to automatically import the required California state EDF data files into text or Microsoft Excel formats. This will eliminate the need for data to be hand entered into tables which will save time, effort and error.


Flash Picture Viewer

This is a simple application which can be used to view image files with the ability to easily zoom in and pan around the image.


Spinnsoft Gallery Web Publisher

The Spinnsoft Gallery Database is industry leading art gallery management software. MicroCreations has teamed with Spinnsoft to produce a system to allow users of the Spinnsoft Gallery Database to easily create a feature-rich dynamic website directly from their gallery management software.


MicroCreations Health and Safety Management System

The MicroCreations Health and Safety Management System is a full-featured web-based data system used by companies to manage many aspects of a corporate health and safety program. Features include: Employee information and training tracking, training details and renewal status, certificate and professional registration tracking, audit, incident, meeting, and corrective action tracking, as well as reporting on all topics directly exported to Microsoft Excel.


MicroCreations Corporate Management System

MicroCreations has developed a simple data system designed to help law firms or others manage corporate information for multiple corporations. This system tracks corporate details including renewable details and allows users to mail merge directly from the database to Microsoft Word to ease in sending notification letters to corporations.