MicroCreations Health and Safety Management System

The MicroCreations Health and Safety Management System is a full-featured personnel and health and safety management system giving companies a comprehensive, easy to use system to track employee training, certifications, and experience, as well as manage audits, incidents, meetings, and corrective actions. It is developed using industry standard technology and can be easily modified to fulfill the specific needs of any company.

All data is stored on a Microsoft SQL Server and accessed using an ASP.NET web-based interface, providing a system which is easily shared throughout a company wide-area network or even the Internet. Logon security is managed through Microsoft Active Directory and can be easily integrated into an existing network. System security is managed separately giving individuals the ability to view, edit, modify, and delete specific records depending on their security level. System security can be modified to meet the needs of any company.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use with intuative interface
  • User login tied to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Individual user security managed from within the application
  • Created in a platform designed to allow for flexibility in content
  • System is custom designed from our base product to provide solutions for unique needs
  • Input screens are easily navigated
  • Reports custom designed for each client specific to their needs
  • Flexible reports are available, giving the user the ability to choose fields, criteria and sorting
  • All reports export to Microsoft Excel, allowing the user to further modify or cut and paste the report
  • Easily track and manage users, user training, certifications/licenses, user roles, incidents, audits, meetings, and corrective actions
  • Data stored in Microsoft SQL Database

Here is a brief description of the software:

After login the user navigates the system using a tree menu on the left side of the screen, giving easy, quick access to the entire system. The menu is broken down in to two sections which reflect the type of data stored in each. The Employee Management Section helps employers manage and maintain employee specific information such as employee roles, required training, scheduled training, completed training, and certifications. The screen below shows the employee management form, giving the user the ability to change employee details or view required, scheduled, and completed training for that employee.

Training management is a central function of the Health and Safety System. Training in the system is managed by course with each listed on the left-hand menu, by category. Once a training course is created through a simple setup screen, upcoming training events, including employees scheduled to be trained, can be managed through the system. Once a course has been completed it can be easily moved into the completed section of the system and saved as a permanent record of the training. The reporting section of the system can be used to report on which employees are due for required training, which training courses are due to expire with a list of employees who were in those courses, and which training courses are scheduled or have been completed by specific employees.

The Activity side of the system is used to manage and maintain Incidents, Audits, Meetings, and Corrective Actions. Each company has specific needs with regards to what data is collected so the system can be easily designed to meet any requirements for any industry. Below is a typical Incident tracking form which gives the user the ability to manage specific root causes, personnel, and corrective actions.

Information entered into the system can be retrieved through a series of custom designed reports. Each report is designed with a specific need in mind and is generated through a simple user form, as seen below. Reports can be customized to meet any specific need but existing reports are used to provide a summary of employee experience and training, determine training status of employees, determine training course renewal needs, documenting completed training, documenting incident details and trends, documenting audit details and trends, and documenting completed and pending corrective actions. Flexible reports can also be created manually for each section of the system through a report generation GUI, giving users a flexible tool to retrieve specific data.

All reports produced by the system are exported directly into Microsoft Excel. This gives the user the ability to manipulate the final report in any way they see fit. It also provides the user the ability to cut and paste any of the data into other spreadsheets or applications.

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