California State GeoTracker EDF Import Tool

For environmental consultants or environmental responsible parties, hand entering laboratory data into reports is a pain staking process and a source of manual error.

We are in the process of creating a tool which will allow users to automatically import the required California state EDF data files into text or Microsoft Excel formats. This will eliminate the need for data to be hand entered into tables which will save time, effort and error.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates manual data input errors
  • Imports data from files required by state on all LUST sites
  • Creates Microsoft Excel or text output files
  • Confirms result units on the fly

Here is a brief description of the software:

The user is greeted by a simple main menu directing the user to import data, export the current data set, or change system settings.
The import screen lets the user browse to the zip file he or she would like to import. Once the user selects the file to import they simply press the Import button to input the data.
Once the data is input into the system it is considered the current data set. The user can then select to export the data from the above screen. To export the data the user needs to specify a destination path for the data and a filename. The use also need to choose whether they would like the data in Microsoft Excel or Delimited Text format. Once the Export Data button is pressed a file is created in the destination directory.