MicroCreations Corporate Management Database

The MicroCreations Corporate Management Database is a straight-forward data application that gives law firms or management companies, who are in charge of maintaining corporate information a tool to store, manage, and report the corporate information. The combination of data management and advanced features like Microsoft Word form letter mail merge and event notification make this database an effective way to manage corporate data and reduce time by decreasing the amount of day to day maintenance.

This application can be set up as either a stand-alone single application or a networked database allowing multiple users access to the same data over a local area network.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Can be modified to include or exclude information
  • Easy production of reports
  • Contains user-level security
  • Notifications of scheduled items
  • Form letters easily output to Microsoft Word

Here is a brief description of the software:

After logging onto the system the user is presented with an intuitive menu which allows for easy access to all tasks the system provides.

One entry form provides a single point of data entry for the user with the ability to quickly and easily navigate through records with a search option or record by record.

One of the advanced features the system provides is a reliable mail merge with Microsoft Word. On of the painstaking tasks of corporation management is sending out hundreds of notification letters to clients each year. With the mail merge feature one letter can be written and specific fields, such as company name, address, recipient, corporate year end date, etc. can be easily merged into the letter, producing batches of letters without re-typing any information.

Information entered into the system can be retrieved through a series of custom designed reports. Each report is designed with a specific need in mind and is generated through a simple user form, as seen below. Reports can be customized to meet any specific need but existing reports are used to provide basic information. Flexible reports can also be created manually for each section of the system through a report generation GUI, giving users a flexible tool to retrieve specific data.

Just like any software we produce this database is flexible and customizable to your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding this or any other of our systems.